You do not have voluntary control over the internal anal sphincter. The external anal sphincter muscles are made of the same kind of muscle as those in a person's arms and legs. Treatment for overflow incontinence starts with manually breaking up the stool. Sometimes the sphincter muscle may be weak simply from aging, since all our body muscles tend to weaken as we grow older. All of weak anal sphincter muscle procedures have only moderate success rates, however.

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The large amount of hard stool in the rectum puts pressure on the sphincters, causing leakage. If this condition cannot be corrected through the use of natural vegetable powder, then other treatment is available. Contact Us. Prognosis Although some types of fecal incontinence are harder to treat than others, most people with this problem can achieve some improvement.

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Subscribe to free Drugs. The internal anal sphincter is a thin white muscle wrapped around the anal canal. All of these procedures have only moderate success rates, however. You need to practice contracting your sphincter at least three times a day.

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Symptoms of fecal incontinence can range from intermittent mild spotting of liquid stool, to the complete inability to contain solid stool. However, since the distention occurs slowly, the person is not aware of how full the rectum really is. Special equipment is used to teach the person how to exercise these muscles.

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If this is not successful, then surgery may be needed to tighten the anal sphincter muscles. The large amount of hard stool in the rectum puts pressure on the sphincters, causing leakage. Launch MyChart. If weak muscles are the problem, the goals of pelvic muscle retraining are to: Damage to muscles can be caused by:

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Visit Charleston. The rectum becomes distended. If it is damaged on both sides, then surgery may not help. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the Drugs. The anal sphincter muscles can be strengthened without surgery through the use of exercises pelvic muscle retraining.