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There’s, however, one situation that may be hiding within the shadows that may be disruptive along with a bit hard to identify. The problem I’m referencing is a where all indicators in your finish reveal that directory synchronization is good yet you’ve recipients missing out of your Exchange Online visite site. Listed below are some information on this case, the best way to identify it and the way to get resolution through Microsoft support.

It can help to begin by explaining the sync process. When you’ve implemented directory synchronization, you’re using AAD Connect a treadmill of their predecessors to sync on-premises Active Directory objects for an Azure Active Directory instance within the cloud.

Microsoft will frequently label this the forward sync process. It’s the forward sync procedure that really populates the Exchange Online Woman in the Azure AD information this generally occurs inside a couple of minutes or fewer in the initial Azure AD provisioning.

Although rare, you will find situations where you’ll discover that there’s a problem with this forward sync process. A few of the signs and symptoms could be user objects that come in Azure AD but away from the Exchange Online Woman (Get-Recipient) or difficulties with group people not consistent when searching at Azure AD versus Exchange Online.

I’ve labored with hundreds of Office 365 tenants because the beginning from the service and the amount of occasions I’ve uncovered forward sync issues is most likely under 10. That stated, it’s very entirely possible that others go undetected as identifying the problem can be challenging particularly in large tenants.

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